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Blank T-Shirts



Welcome to Blanktshirts.com.au our mission is to supply you with high quality blank t-shirts at very competitive prices.

Other websites will charge you seperate freight costs for each Brand that you order which can be very expensive our freight costs cover all brands.



02 4574 1899  8.30am-4pm

You can assort your sizes and colours in the same style,add up your total quantity and get the best price for that style.

Our plain shirts and t-shirts are ideal for screen printing and our wide range of colours will make it easy for you to select a blank tee shirt to suit your club, school or promotion.

Blanktshirt.com.au will make it easy to get the best price,you can assort your sizes and colours within the t shirt style that you chose,add up the quantity and see the best price you can obtain.
Please be sure to have a look at our organic t shirts,they represent great value.

We believe we have the most comprehensive range from infants t-shirts, fashion tee shirts, childrens tshirts, ladies t-shirts and unisex t-shirts but if there is a particular style of t-shirt that you are looking for that you cannot seem to find please fill in our contact form and we will do our best to source it for you.

Please enjoy our t-shirt site and if you want to be kept informed on the latest t-shirts and super t-shirt specials please sign up for our newsletter.

A Brief History of the T Shirt.

No one is certain how the t shirt got it`s name,some say it was due to it`s T shape.

Another theory is that the t shirt was named after the army training shirt which was later shortened to T Shirt.Some people also say that it the TEE comes from amputee making reference to the shortened length of the arms which is the Tee Shirt.

T shirts were originally worn as undershirts but they became so popular that people saw the humble t shirt as a fashion item and began wearing them on the outside.

Why did the t shirt become so popular,once again there are many theories, comfort,light to wear,the rebellious youth looking for something different to what dad wears.

Today the tshirt is the worlds biggest selling item of clothing and you can buy t shirts from $2.00  up to $200.00 and more.T shirts are the one item that spans all sexes,cultures and age groups.

There is such a huge selection of t shirts to suit everyone`s personality,you can even custom design your own t shirt as a special one off design.

T shirts are screen printed,digitally printed,dye sublimated, embroidered,heat transfers can be applied to t shirts,there are new printing processes evolving all the time to meet the demands of the t shirt wearer.

There are many websites devoted just to t shirts,from religious t shirts to very rude t shirts and everything in between.

The biggest growth we see is in custom t shirts where people can express there true feelings by custom designing there very own t shirt or they can custom design a t shirt for a gift,bucks night,hens night or a promotional event,with the advent of direct to garment digital printing custom t shirts have now become very affordable.

Where does the t shirt go from here, who knows it`s up to you!!

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