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A Brief History of the T-Shirt

No one is certain how the t-shirt got it's name, some say it was due to it`s T shape.

Another theory is that the t-shirt was named after the army training shirt which was later shortened to t-shirt.

Some people also say that it the TEE comes from amputee making reference to the shortened length of the arms which is the Tee Shirt.

T-shirts were originally worn as undershirts but they became so popular that people saw the humble t-shirt as a fashion item and began wearing them on the outside.

Why did the t-shirt become so popular, once again there are many theories, comfort, light to wear, the rebellious youth looking for something different to what dad wears.

Today the t-shirt is the worlds biggest selling item of clothing and you can buy t-shirts from $2.00 up to $200.00 and more.

T-shirts are the one item that spans all sexes, cultures and age groups.

There is such a huge selection of t-shirts to suit everyone's personality, you can even custom design your own t-shirt as a special one off design.

T-shirts are screen printed, digitally printed, dye sublimated, embroidered, heat transfers can be applied to t-shirts, there are new printing processes evolving all the time to meet the demands of the t-shirt wearer.

There are many websites devoted just to t-shirts, from religious t-shirts to very rude t-shirts and everything in between.

The biggest growth we see is in custom t-shirts where people can express their true feelings by custom designing their very own t-shirt or they can custom design a t-shirt for a gift, bucks night, hens night or a promotional event, with the advent of direct to garment digital printing custom t-shirts have now become very affordable.

Where does the t-shirt go from here, who knows it's up to you!